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Wet Land Full Hydraulic Crawler Welding Station HYS100 / HYS125

  2008-11-25 23:41:56  


Full Hydraulic Crawler Welding Station HY100


Wet Land Full Hydraulic Crawler Welding Station

Main Technical Parameters

Overall dimension5300×3000×3100 mm5850×3000×3100 mm
Overall weight12000 Kg (without load)12500 Kg (without load)
Track length on ground2655 mm2655 mm
Track shoes800mm800mm
Track gauge2200 mm2200 mm
Ground pressure32.6 kPa34.1 kPa
Approaching angle≥30°≥30°
Departure angle≥32°≥32°
Max. climbing capability25°25°
Min. ground clearance660 mm660 mm
Max. traction power108 kN108 kN
Traveling speed    Dual speed: I 0~2.7, II 0~4.6   ( km/h)Dual speed: I 0~2.7, II 0~4.6     ( km/h)
Generating capacity100 KVA125 KVA
Rated frequency50 Hz50 Hz
Rated voltageAC 380V/220VAC 380V/220V
Electricity supply qualityG3 Grade (GB/T 2820.5-1997)G3 Grade (GB/T 2820.5-1997)
Welder space provision2 or 4 sets4 sets
EngineModelDongFeng Cummins 6BTA5.9-C170DongFeng Cummins 6BTA5.9-C180
Rated power / rotating speed125 / 2300 kW/rpm132 / 2200 kW/rpm
Min. fuel consumption208 g/kW·h208 g/kW·h
Rated capacity100KVA140KVA
Electric control cabinetElectrical leakage protectionYESYES
Numbers of output plugs2,   380V / 10 kW
2,   220V / 2.2 kW
2,   380V / 10 kW
2,   220V / 2.2 kW
CraneMax. lifting moment6.4 t.m6.4 t.m
Max. operating radius5.6 m (from center of the hoister)5.6 m (from center of the hoister)
Max. lifting height6.1 m +1.17 (platform height)6.1 m +1.17 (platform height)
Returning typeFull 360° slewingFull 360° slewing
Luffing angle1~65°1~65°
Tuning model360 slewing, planetary speed reduce belt brake360 slewing, planetary speed reduce belt brake

Note1: Overall dimension is changeable according to different equipped requirements.

Air compressorModelElectric driven 2 grade piston styleElectric driven 2 grade piston style
Pressure1.6 MPa1.6 MPa
Flow rate800 L/min800 L/min
Elevating gas tank bracketModelManual pump drive hydraulic tank elevating styleManual pump drive hydraulic tank elevating style
Nos of gas tanks33

They are all optional, and should be indicated in technical terms particularly as used, if the parameters in the above table can not meet the actual work requirements, we can adjust it accordingly, please do not hesitate to contact us in advance.

Parameters above all for reference only, subject to changes without prior to notice.

For detailed information, please contact our commercial department.

※ Parameters above for reference only, subject to changes without prior notice ※
Executed Standards:
GB/T2820-1997 Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine Driven Alternating Current Generating Sets;
Q/GDR002-2007 Crawler Welding Station; JB/T5945-91 Assembling of construction machinery-General technical specifications;
JB/T 4198.1-2001 Construction machinery-Diesel engine-Technical specifications.