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Nitrocellulose, Technical Specification for NC lacquers, Viscosity Requirements

  2009-01-20 13:03:38  

Nitrocellulose for celluloid

Physical and chemical properties

Special requirements can be met based on the agreement between the seller and the buyer.
usage: mainly applied for the manufacture of celluloid. 

Nitrocellulose for coating

The product shall conform to the standard of Q/SNC5-02-2003

Appearance:It is white fibrous flake, containing no visible foreign matters.

Each kind of nitrocellulose should conform to
following viscosity requirements

Technical Specification for NC lacquers

1, there is no necessary to do moisture test to NC damping with water. If the customer has any special requirement for viscosity or other items decision should be made by negotiation between the seller and buyer.
2,the wetting agents included alcohol, IPA (isopropanol), n-butanol, water, etc.