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1025T/H High Temperature Separating Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler

  2011-05-10 13:29:50  

The boiler has 2 independent air chamber water-cooled walls and combustion beds, which integrated into a water-cooled wall combustion chamber, it also consists of 4sets of steel plate type cyclone separator and a part vertical shaft wrapped with air-cooled wrapping wall.

Inside the combustion chamber, panel type heating surface in installed. The boiler is provided with 4 coal-feeding ports and 4 limestone-feeding ports. The coal-feeding ports locate at the front part of the boiler and theCirculating Fluidized Bed Boiler limestone-feeding ports locate at two sides of the boiler, and are evenly arranged in cross direction on the tapered section at the lower part of the water-cooled wall of the front part wall.

The bottom part of the combustion chamber is awater0cooled air chamber made of water screen tube, which is connected with the igniters under the bed via metal expansion joint. There are a total of 2 sets of air conduit igniters, and in each, one high capacity ignition oil burner is provided.

At two sides of the combustion chamber, 2 sets of air and water-cooling mode optional fly ash discharging and slag cooling devices for multiple chamber type fluidized beds are provided.

2 sets of cyclone separators are arranged at two sides of the combusion chamber, and at the lower part of each separator, one set of "J" type valve feed back vertical shaft consists of wall wrapping tube wall. The rear part chimney flue is provided with high temperature superheaters, re-heaters, coal economizer and rotation type air pre-heater from top to bottom successively.

In the superheater system, multiple-stage direct-contact desuperheater is provided. In the reheater system, emergency direct contact desuperheater and spray desuperheater are installed.

The whole body of the boiler is arranged symmetrically at the left and right side, suspended on the steel frame of the boiler.