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130T/H High Temperature Separating Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler

  2011-05-10 13:49:45  

The boiler is of open-arrangement and it consists of combustion chamber (the front part), cyclone separator and feed back device (the meddle part), and the vertical shaft type chimney flues (the rear part).

Circulating Fluidized Bed BoilerThe combustion chamber is of complete suspension structure. The four sides of the wall are made of membrane wall. Along the low direction of air and smoke, water-cooler equpressure air chamber, air distribution plate, combustion chamber dense  phase zone, dilute phase zone, flue gas diversion chamber, high and low temperature super-heater, coal economizer and steel pipe horizontal air pre-heater in the rear part vertical shaft are provided successively.

The rear part vertical shaft is of supporting structure, and armor boards are provided around it(fire-resistant and thermal insulation lining materials); Combustion chamber and the rear part vertical shafts are connected by two air-distribution cyclone separator in parallel arrangement, with the bottom parts of the separator connected with feed back devices. Both the separator and feed back device are supported by steel structure beams.

The combustion chamber uses lightweight pipe type furnace wall, wrapped with corrugated galvanized plate. The rear vertical shaft adopts armor board furnace wall. Wear-resistant linings are provided in combustion chamber, door-opening zone inside the boiler, smoke window zone at the front part vertical shaft outlet, the inside of the separator and other zones liable to wear.

Boiler drum is suspended on the large plate girder by boiler.