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35/3.82-M01M High and Low Speed Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler

  2011-05-10 13:57:23  

Circulating Fluidized Bed BoilerThe structure feature of the boiler is the adoption of the newly researched and developed design and technology of <High & Low Speed "M" Type Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler> (hereinafter to be referred as M type boiler). The boiler has the merits of clean combustion with low pollutant emissin, and great reduction of wear of the heating surface.

It is so named as M type boiler, because the gas and smoke generated by the combustion of coal will pass 4 return runs: The hign temperature gas and smoke from coal burning flame go upward at high speed and then return to run downward to the bottom; they then turn upward again. At this time, under the centrifugal action at such turning of directions, the bigger sized fly ash grains are separated and drop into the low speed bed for burning. The gas and smoke generated at the high and low speed beds joint together and go upward and turn to horizontal flue on reaching the top, and they will then go through the rear flue to reach the bottom part of the boiler and then discharged into the chimney flue.The gas and smoke go through the 4 parallel return runs of up, down, up and down again, through which the complete processof ignition of the coal, combustion changing, separation, re-combustion, complete combustion, re-separation, circulation and cooling down.