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Pig Launcher & Pig Receiver / Pig Trap

  2008-08-25 19:58:09  



Pig Launcher & Pig Receiver


The Pig Scraper Launcher & Pig Scraper Receiver are the imperative facilities of pipeline pigging. The newly-established pipeline, during the process of construction, adopts pig temporary launcher and pig receiver, which has simple technical flow and mobile. The pipeline put into service formally adopts fixed launcher and receiver. The blind plate is usually designed as rapid-opened type, with complicated flow procedures, and installed in pump station zone. The assembly usually consists of rapid open-type blind plate, body, pig indicator, processing pipe manifold, valves. The rapid blind plate is the core of the entire assembly, with good opening and closing and reliable sealing property.


The pig scraper launcher & pig scraper receiver, which are produced with international advanced technology introduced by our Company, are applicable to pipelines in various specifications from 4 inches to 60 inches. We can also design and manufacture pig scraper launcher & pig scraper receiver of special types in accordance with customers’ requirements. The pig launcher & receiver are widely used on domestic pipelines.