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Waste Heat Boiler for Glass Kiln

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Waste Heat Boiler for Cement Kiln

Waste heat boiler is a key equipment of recovering exhaust heat in the glass furnace waste heat system. Glass furnace exhaust gases are exhausted via glass kiln exhaust fan after through superheater, evaporator, economizer, water heaters and other heat transfer components. The whole boiler is U- shape vertical layout, with natural circulating mode. Heating surface are snake-like fluorescent tubes layout & boiler furnace wall is light protecting plate to reduce the boiler air leakage coefficient, no effect to glass production and stable power generation. There is perfect design for furnace wall manhole, furnace wall protection plate joints, headers seal. At the same time, there are manholes among each group heated surfaces for inspection.


1 According to thermal characteristics of glass furnace waste heat flue gas, we can simulate & calculate the shares of  overheat, evaporation, water volume to design the parameters reasonably. It is convenient to choose single pressure, flash evaporation, or dual pressure, achieving maximum cost-effective and minimize space resources occupation.

2 Considering the characteristics of glass kiln waste heat flue gas caused by different fuel, use online steam blowing ash, timing hot water spray and mechanical shaking and other optional modular cleaning technology, solving the heating surface fouling problem effectively.

3 Because of the potential fluctuations of glass furnace waste heat flue gas, use saturated steam to regulate superheated steam and make steam temperature stable, enabling the main steam temperature in the range of safety & standards effectively to ensure the efficient operation of power systems.

 4 Simulate& design complex water hydrodynamic characteristics and calculate various working conditions by using computers to choose right circulating height, length & height & cycle No. of the tubes, ensuring  safe and reliable water circulation.

5 Because of theweak acidcharacteristic of glass furnace waste heat flue gas, in order to prevent low temperature corrosion, use " splitting economizer" structural design to ensure that the boiler exhaust gas temperature is higher than the condensation temperature by splitting the boiler tail 1-2 section economizers, avoiding corrosion problems.

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