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Cemented carbide is a kind of alloy made by powder metallurgical process with the refractory carbides (such as tungsten carbide, titanium carbide,tantalum carbide, niobium carbide, vanadium carbide and chromium carbide) as the hard phase and cobalt or nickel as the binder.It is divided into cutting inserts, wear parts,mining tools, profiles and hard-facing material in terms of the basical applications.

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Type 2V (Indexable Inserts)
Type 2V (Indexable I
Type M60 (Threading Parting Inserts)
Type M60 (Threading
Type J1 (Threading Parting Inserts)
Type J1 (Threading P
Type 4H (Indexable Inserts)
Type 4H (Indexable I
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  1. Spherical Cemented Carbide Spray Welding
  2. Spherical Cast Tungsten Carbide (YZDF)
  3. Tube Welding Rode (Wire) for Wear Resist
  4. Cemented Carbide Spray Welding Powder (Y
  5. Type 3F (Indexable Inserts)
  6. Type CQ-2
  7. K0 ( Mining Bits )
  8. Type CQ(Spherical Button)
  9. Cemented Carbide Pellet (YQ)
  10. TYPE M10