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Disc Pig

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Name of Product:

Disc Pig

Applicable Pipe Size:

Ф100mm-Ф1524mm (4″~60″)



The Disc Pig has high cleaning capability and outstanding application performance, which could run in two directions, the rubber cup has definite responsibility: it has guiding (supporting) rubber cup, and the sealing rubber cup for sealing pipeline to produce dynamic on pig.

  • The minimum radius of curvature of pipeline bend is 1.5 times of pipeline diameter

  • The maximum deformation of straight pipe section is 20% of inner diameter of the pipeline.

  • The running distance of pig is determined by many factors, including transmission media of pipeline, roughness of inner wall of pipeline, structure of pig, number of rubber cups. The longest distance of pig running in oil pipeline is 800km.

 Applicable pipe size:Ф100mm-Ф1524mm(4″~60″)

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