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Sideboom / Pipelayer 90

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Main Technical Parameters

 Main Parameters
 Max. lifting capacity 
 90,000 Kg
 Rated lifting capacity 
 76,000 Kg
 Operating weight (about) 
 57,000 Kg
 Delivery dimension (L×W×H)
 5580×3460×3170  (mm)
 Delivery weight of main set 
 41,000 Kg
 Average ground pressure 
 94.4 kPa
 Min. ground clearance 
 433 mm
 Max. claiming capability 
 Suitable ambient conditions
 Ambient temperature -20℃-40℃;  Altitude below 3,000 m
 Rated power/ Rated rotating speed 
 250 / 2100 kW/rpm
 Special designed chassis for sideboom
 Operation mode
 Electrical control joystick
 Theoretical travel speed 
 0~2.5 km/h; 0~6.2 km/h  (Two gears, stepless speed variable) 
 Length of track on ground 
 3,700 mm
 Track shoe width 
 900mm / 700 mm
 Number of track rollers 
 8×2 (6×2 S/F; 2×2 D/F)


 Luffing type
 Wire rope luffing 
 Operation mode
 Electrical control joystick
 7,057 mm
 Max. lifting height  
 5, 558 mm
 Boom luffing angle 
 Hook speed 
 0~6.8 m/min (two gears, stepless speed variable)
 Luffing time 
 30 seconds
 Executive standard
 ISO 8813-92
※ Parameters above for reference only, subject to changes without prior notice

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