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Sideboom / Pipelayer 30

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Main Technical Parameters
 Main Parameters
 Max. lifting capacity 
 30,000 Kg
 Rated lifting capacity 
 25,500 Kg
 Rated lifting capacity of assistant boom
 3,000 Kg
 Operating weight (about) 
 26,000 Kg
 Delivery dimension (L×W×H)
 (mm, folding boom delivery)
 Delivery weight of main set 
 26,000 Kg
 Average ground pressure 
 56 kPa
 Min. ground clearance 
 436 mm
 Max. claiming capability 
 Suitable ambient conditions
 Ambient temperature -20℃-40℃;  Altitude below 3,000 meters
 Cummins 6BT5.9
 Rated power/ Rated rotating speed 
 110kW / 2300rpm
 Special designed chassis for sideboom
 Operation mode
 Electric control joystic
 Theoretical travel speed
 Gear I 
 0~2  km/h (stepless gears)
 Gear II
 0~5  km/h (stepless gears)
 Length of track on ground 
 3,073 mm
 Track shoe width 
 910 mm left; 560 mm right
 Number of track rollers 
 7×2 (5×2 S/F; 2×2 D/F)
 Luffing type
 Cylinder luffing 
 Operation mode
 Hydraulic joystick
 Main Boom
 6,000 mm (straight boom);
 5,100 mm (folding boom)
 Max. lifting height  
 4,600 mm (straight boom);
 3,700mm (folding boom)
 Assistant Boom Length 2,400 mm
 Max. lifting height  

 6,900 mm (straight boom);
 3,700mm (folding boom)

 Main Boom luffing angle 
 Main hook speed (6 times) 0~13 m/min  
  Luffing time
 15 seconds boom down;
 10 seconds boom up
 Executive standard
 ISO 8813-92

※ Parameters above for reference only, subject to changes without prior notice

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