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The Great Wall cemented carbide solid tools are highly praised and chosen by customers home and abroad because of its prominent characteristics such as sharp cutting,high speed and efficience. They are widely used for machine center, flexible manufacturing system and automatic production line.

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Fine Cutter Guide Cover
Fine Cutter Guide Co
Long Milling Cutter Shank (ZPB-D)
Long Milling Cutter
Saw Disc Milling Cutter (ZCP-Q)
Saw Disc Milling Cut
Disc Milling Cutter (ZCP)
Disc Milling Cutter
New Products
Hot Products
  1. Tread Mills (D8)
  2. Twist Drill (110A0)
  3. Disc Milling Cutter (ZCP)
  4. Twist Drill (120A0)
  5. Long Milling Cutter Shank (ZPB-D)
  6. Saw Disc Milling Cutter (ZCP-Q)
  7. Fine Cutter Guide Cover
  8. Fine Pitch Tap (D4)
  9. Twist Drill (Petro Industry Use)
  10. Double-edged Gun Drill (196A0)