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Solar Desalination Machine for Factory Use

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Solar Desalination System


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Suitable for Waste Water, Hard Water, Shallow Surface Seawater, Deep Seawater, Brackish river Water, Beach Well Seawater

Solar Desalination System (Machine) for Factory Use

Technical Specification
Fresh Water Output  > 1T/Day Concentrating Mirror Dimension 1.3 x 1.3 m x 100 units
Automatic Sun Tracking Yes Weight 4000 Kg
Driven Motor DC12 Powder AC220V / 1KW
Size of Glass House 20 X 40 X 0.3 M Structure Greenhouse + Reflecting Concentrating Board 
Water Exchange Mode Automatic Regular Service 7 days
Suction Height 3 m MTBF > 1 year
Protection Alarm Yes Life Cycle > 10 years 
1. The area of concentrating mirror is subject to the latitude
2. Solar generating system for complete powder supply; 
3. The price is subject to different area;
4. Model available: 1T/day (1,000 litres/day), 5T/day (5,000 litres/day), 10T/day (10,000 litres/day); 5. Customize design available.


System Feature

1. By taking a series of technical measurements, corrosion and sediment of the equipments being completely avoided or delayed.
2. Pretreatment of intake seawater is much more simplified which is benefited from low system operation temperature. Only need to be filtered by filter screen before flowing into the low temperature and multi-effect devices, no need additive agent like acid-adding treatment like the multi-stage flashing method which can save a lot.
3. Plenty redundant designed system. At noon, production of water can reach 120% of the designed value; at early morning and nightfall period, production of water can be stable at 20% of rated value.
4. System power consumption is low. Power consumption for water delivering is very low in low temperature and multi-effect, only need hundreds of volts electricity (on vacuum environment and suction pump), solar power system can be self-fitted, no need power station facility which can reduce production cost.
5. High system heating efficiency. Temperature difference of 30℃ can arrange 12 heat transmit effect ratio, then can reach water production ratio of 10 or so.
6. Safe and reliable system operation. As low temperature and multi effect system is of tube condensation and tube film type evaporator, even leakage of heat transmitting tube occurred by corrosion, as the pressure of vapor side is bigger than the pressure of film side, high salinity water cannot flow into the product water, the similar failure are avoided that the system adopts high reliable module design with much greater safety.
7. Our Solar Seawater Desalination System do not of ordinary Polysilicon methods, but of direct application of solar energy concentration instead, which raw material are mainly of glass products, Its utilization rate of solar energy is up to 70% and more, will heating the water to 660 Degree (1220 oF) within several seconds.
8. Close production system, well control of the flow.
9. Sensor fitted behind of every concentrating mirror of the solar desalinating unit, for auto sun tracking, simple but practical.
10. Small dimensions of the production equipments, more applicable for big scaled production.
11. Product water is pure water up to WHO drinking water standard that is for direct drinking.
12. All type of natural water source can be treated.
13. The Sea Water Conversion Systems for Whole-House, Island Resorts, Hotels, Motels, Vacation Homes, Back-Up Water Source, Camps, Lodges, Ship Based, Yacht, Salt Water Filtration + State of the Art UV Water Treatment - User Friendly!
Different with:
1. Multi-stage flash distillation (MSF)
2. Multiple-effect evaporator (MED|ME)
3、Vapor-compression (VC)

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