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Principle of Our Witank Solar Desalination

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 Solar Desalination
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Quality   Security   Independence 

1. Quality of Water
With distillation by the energy of the sun water evaporates and condenses afterwards as high-purity water. For this reason water of highest quality is for you all time at disposition.

2. Security of supply
The sunbeams, which achieve the earth alone on the today's day, could cover the world power requirement for 180 years. The sun is our only inexhaustible energy and reliable source.

The sun is our only inexhaustible energy and reliable source.

3. Independence
As selfoperator you are independent of the quality of public water supply.


1. Collection;
2. Filtering (filter screen);
3. Sedimentation;
4. Preheating (Preheating pool or Glass house);
5. Heating (Parabolic Vacuum tube focusing & Ultraviolet heating, temperature will reach 70-80 ℃);
6. Desalination (Rotating parabolic mirror focusing on Vacuum tank, temperature will reach 100℃) Fresh water and high salinity seawater being desalinated;
7. Cooling down by exchanging heat (high salinity seawater application pipeline, passing the preheating pool, cooling down by exchanging heat to preheat the taking in seawater);
8. Output fresh water (output desalinated water, turbidity is 0.5 utn, up to Drinking water standard of WHO);
9. Discharge high salinity seawater
10. Application of high salinity seawater (distill heavy water D2O, KCl, NaCl etc.)

Principle of Our Solar Desalination System

Sea water is the source of fresh water

Sun has endless clear energy

Pump the seawater, wast water, impurity water etc. to heating pipe

Special Water Vacuum Heating Tube

Reflecting mirror array (for family)

Concentrate the sun ray to vacuum tube

Heating by the sun, water approaching boiling point

Separate the fresh water from sea water, wast water,  impurity water through vacuum relieve pressure pump,  and condensate  the vapor to the final needed fresh water

Comprehensive performances comparison
Parameter Our Solar Desalination Reverse Osmosis Ordinary Solar
Energy Consumption (KW/T) 1 5~9 1
Dimension (m2/T) 400 m2 0.1 500 m2
 Three Wastes Emission No Little No
 Stability Poor Good Poor
 Maintenance Simple Complex Simple
Cost of Pure Water ($/1000 litres) US$ 0.5 / 1000 litres US$ 1.2 / 1000 litres US$ 0.68 / 1000 litres


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