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Open Mode Solar Heating System

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Open Mode Solar Heating System

Cold Water Input         Solar Heating         Hot Water Output
This Open Mode Solar Heating System usually adopt open heating system, e.g. indoor swimming pool, outdoor bathing system etc.

Product Characteristics:
1. Low using cost, almost Zero cost once installed. Expected power consumption and calculation on the basis of 1000W/M2 in summer season, 600W/M2 in winter time.
2. Fast to heat up, hot water to be outputted only in One minute
3. High efficiency, outputting hot water over 80 C in winter.
4. Need very large area.
5. Only work in daytime.

Technical Specification

Dimension of reflect Weight 
Automatic sunshine tracking YesMaintenance cycle30 days
Tracking modeElectrical drivenSolar concentrating modeReflection
Suction Height (M) 2MTBF> 1 year
Protection alarmYesLife cycle> 10 years

Packing List

Reflecting Mirror1Soft Pipe 
Water Bank1Insulating Pipe 
Automatically Bracket 1Guarantee Certificate1
Control Box1Instruction Manual1
Heating Principle of High Temperature Solar Energy 
It is derivative products during our research on Ultra-red technology. It has the following characteristics compared with the traditional ones:

1. Higher level of heating exchange ratio. General types of solar water heaters only have a ratio of 1.2:1, while our products is 10:1~20:1
2. Higher temperature of output water. It takes much longer time to reach 80℃ for Ordinary types, while the high temperature model only need 60 seconds due to its high ratio up to 10:1.
3. Much more simpler structure with improved reliability and maintenance possibility. While the Ordinary water heater uses vacuum tubes in group, the high temperature water heater will only use one, surely of different quality.
4. 30% off by equivalent comparison.
5. Can matching with Ordinary model solar water heater
6. Need a larger area to install.
Suitable for swimming pool heating, indoor animal culture, hotel heating reservation etc in middle latitude region.

Technical Specification

Energy Exchange Ratio10:1 ~ 20:1

Output Temperature ()

> 80
Hot Water Inside The PipeEnclosed Inner Circulation
Sun TrackingAuto Tracking
Anti - Wind Ability8M/S
Water Temperature ControlManually Set, Auto Control
Reliability5000 Hours
Life Cycle10 Years
1.  the lower the latitude of installation, the better effects;
2.  Cloudy and casting weather will affect the efficiency badly;
3.  the output heating power is in directional ratio with the surface of reflector, the larger the better heating efficiency.

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