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Valves Repairing Grinder VRM-PM300 - Vertical Valve Grinding & Lapping Machine

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ReTop Vertical Valve Repairing Grinder  - VRM-PM300 Model

ReTop valve repair grinding machine taking the professional valve repair as the design concept while the design principle is dynamic balance, by adopting variable frequency motor as the power source, to process with grid grinding and fine grinding through infinitely variable speeds, constant power, constant torque, turbine axial feeding, planet grinding head, it is the international leading professional valve repair equipment.grinder

The Model VRS - PM300 Grinder remarkable characteristic of this machine tool is that it is integrated professional valve repair equipment combined with grinding and fine grinding functions, and grinding process after bead welding.

The power source of this VRS-PM300 Model machine is 2.2 Kw variable frequency motor which is with strong driving power, the metal parts are with strong rigidity and stable mechanical stabilities, the grinding plate and the grinding head matching with precision, running stable, radial grinding force is strong, which allow grinding and fine grinding process after bead welding and repairing welding of valve seat, spool, wedge disc and sealing ring, connecting flanges, middle flange, ball valve seat etc. in respect to stop valve, gate valve, ball valve, power station valve, water seal valve, regulating valve, safety valve, check valve etc., hence, the sealing performance of the repaired valve is excellent and exceeding the turning effect, it could be even called as the "Good Doctor" of old and damaged valves.

For sealing surface after bead welding with stainless steel electrode or cemented carbide electrode, it could process with high strength grinding, and grinding roughness could reach 0.8;

Fine Grinding-
On the basis of grinding function, to use the integrated design of grinding and fine grinding functions, it is no need to replace the grinding head, but only to adjust the rotary speed, it could process with fine grinding to the sealing surface, and the fitness degree could reach 100%, radial fitness 100%, surface roughness 0.4;

By using the special grinding head for this grinder, it could complete chamfering process for the sealing surface after grinding and fine grinding;

Taper Grinding-
By using the special taper grinding head for this grinding machine, it could repair and restore taper sealing type valves;

Fix metacenter bushing on the operating table, it could process for Φ50-150mm (2'' - 6'') inner bore by using boring tools;

Fix AB carriage (latitudinal, longitudinal) and other working kit, it could process for plane and inclined plane of work piece; further fix electromagnetic plate and accessories, it could process metal sealing part and other similar parts.  


Parameters RETOP-VRM-PM-300
Dimension (mm) 1300×1100×1300mm (approx)
Weight 900Kg (approx)
Operational Plate Width (mm) 1300×1100mm (approx)
Operational Plate Height (mm) 800mm
Power of Variable Frequency Motor 2.2Kw
Driving Speed Infinitely Veritable Speed
Feeding Apparatus Worm Wheel
Grinding after Bead Welding Yes
Fine Grinding Yes
Axial Fitness 100%
Grinding Roughness 0.8
Fine Grinding Roughness 0.4
Accessories Saddle-shaped working kit,
gate valve taper block, flat grinding head,
taper grinding head, chamfer grinding head
Repair Nominal Diameter DN50 - 300 mm
2'' - 12''
Pressure Rating PN0.1 - 160 MPa
Service Valve Type The flat, angle,
taper type valve sealing surface of Stop Valve,
Gate Valve etc.


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