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Structural Feature of Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

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Structural Feature of Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve



General design standard API6D
Pressure-temperature rating ASME B16.34
Face to face dimensions ASME B16.10
Flange type and dimensions ASME B16.5
Butt-welded end ASME B16.25
Inspection and test API598
1. Up stream Sealing Two-way Valve 

The up stream seal of the Valve is fulfilled by the advanced spring pre-tighting seat package which has a feature of self-tightness. The two-way valve has two seats that can be sealed on two directions, so there' s no limitation of flow direction during installation.
2. Double Block &Bleed Valve

Being up stream side sealing , the valve can bleed out the trapped fluid in the body cavity when the valves is in fully open or fully close position. the fluid is intercepted by seats of up stream and down stream side. So, the stem packing or O-ring may be replaced under working ressure. And to bleed the dirty fluid eriodically can reduce damage of the sealing surface and prolong the service life of the valve.


3. Automatic Relief of the Cavity:

If the pressure of the body cavity unusually goes up, KTZ valve can automatically relieve the pressure by compressing the spring in the spring pre-tighting seat package.
4. Full Bore or Reduce Bore: 

Either full bore or reduce bore can be available according to ustomers' requirements. For full bore type, the diameter of the valve ball bore is as same as the pipe size, which facilitates pigging operation.
5. Fireproof Design: 

When the non-metal seat are softened and burnt in case of the fire or unusual temperature increase, the seat retainer, under the duty of the spring, will touch with the ball and form a metal -to-metal contact, which can prevent internal leak: meanwhile, the middle flange and the upper part and lower part of the stem will form a metal-to-metal 
contact which can prevent external leak and conform to API6FA or API607.

6. Assistant Grease Injection Valve 

When seat and stem sealing system is damaged, the grease injection valve can inject sealing grease into the valve for temporary sealing.
7. Stem Sealing System 

Two O-rings are adopted in/out the stem position with reliable performance.
8. Stem Extension 

According to installation or operation need, the valve stem may be extended. This design is suitable for under ground application. The stem extension length can be confirmed by customer.
9. Flexible Operation. 

The seat and stem bearing adopt Teflon with small friction and self-lubrication to reduce the valve operation torque. The valve can be easily operated for long period even with no sealing lubrication grease.
10. Multi-Operation Type. 

The valve may be operated by hand, pneumatic operator, motor, hydro-pneumatic operator and hydraulic operator, etc.

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