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Valve Date:
Valve Operation:
1、 Medium:
( 1 ) Liquid or gas, please specify name of the medium.
( 2 ) Content of the Medium (whether it is corrosive, whether inclusive of fiber or solid particles, specify hardness of the particles.)
( 3 ) Please specify the Max. and Min. working temperature of the medium.
( 4 ) Please specify the Max. and Min. working pressure of the medium.
( 5 ) Please specify flow of the medium.
2、 Please specify the installation of the valve. (indoor or outdoor)
3、 Environment temperature
4、 Type of application (used as open/close device, adjusting, non-return device or emergency shut down device.)
5、 Valve working status (normally open or normally closed)
6、 Open and close frequency.
API or other standards.
2、 Nominal Size
( 1 ) Full Bore (conform to the standard)
( 2 ) Reduced Bore
4、Pipe size (inlet and outlet)
5、Connection Type:
( 1 ) Flanged( RF、RTJ、FM、M、TF、GF ) , whether coupling flanges are needed with flange connection. And please specify the coupling flanges' type (flat-welded or butt-welded flange), material of the coupling flanges and the sealing gasket's material and type of the flanges.
( 2 ) Butt-welded connection
( 3 ) Socket welded connection
6、Whether sealing grease injection device is needed. (only for fixed ball valves.)
7、Whether fire-proof device is needed.
8、Whether anti-static device is needed.
9、Whether stem-extension is needed. If yes, please specify the distance from the center line of the port to the top of the stem (at valve closed status)
1、 Hand Operated
( 1 ) Wrench or handwheel operated
( 2 ) Gear operated
2、 Motor Operated
( 1 ) Characteristic of the Power (DC/AC/Polar/Voltage), whether explosion-proof is needed. If yes, please specify IP grade.
( 2 ) Whether digital control is needed. If yes, please specify digital value.
3、 Pneumatic Operated
( 1 ) Air Source Pressure.
( 2 ) Double or single action. Normally open or normally closed type for single action type.
( 3 ) Whether solenoid valve, limited switch and coupling device is needed. If yes, please specify whether foreign or domestic type.
4、 Hydraulic Operated
( 1 ) hydro-source pressure
( 2 ) Whether solenoid valve(AC/DC and voltage), limited switch is needed.
5、 Hydro-pneumatic operated.
( 1 ) open/close type or ESD type. Velocity of pressure drop and open/close period for ESD condition
( 2 ) Whether digital supply is needed.

Notes: Before placement of order, please select correct model number and fill out the technical confirmation sheet. Please contact with our sales or technical dept if you have special requirement for valves.


In Inch

End Connection
RF:Raising Face 
RTJ:Ring Type Joint
FM:Female Flanged 
M:Male Flanged
TF:Tenon Flanged GF:Groove Flanged
SW:Socket Welded
Operation Type
G:Gear operator
H:Hydro-pneumatically operated
S:Hydro-pneumatically operated (with ESD) 
D:Motor Operator P:Pneumatic Operated 
T:Pneumatic Operated With Spring Return Device
Valve Code & Bore Type
FB1 : Floating ball, full bore 
FB2 : Floating ball, reduce bore
TB1 : Trunnion ball valve, full bore 
TB2 : Trunnion ball valve, reduce bore
Pressure Rating
 A15: CLASS150
 A30: CLASS300
 A40: CLASS400 
 A60: CLASS600
 A90: CLASS900 
 A150: CLASS1500
 A250: CLASS2500

Sealing Surface Code
 F:Pure PTFE 
 H:Reinforced PTFE( Glass Fiber Content 20% )
 X: NBR 
 M: Metal Sealing
 G:Carbon Fiber
Body & Trim material Code

 11 WCB Series
 21 CF8 Series
 31 CF8M Series
 41 CF3 Series
 51 CF3M Series
 61 WC6 Series
 71 WC9 Series
 81 C5 Series
 91 Body: LCB, Ball: LCB (low temperature≥-46℃)
 12 Body: WCB, Ball、Stem:304
 13 Body: WCB, Ball、Stem:316
 14 Body: WCB , Ball: WCB.ENP, Other important parts with ENP

Notes: For sulfur-proof valves, please add K as the first letter of the model number.

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