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CHE505Mo (Cellulose Electrode for Vertical-down Welding)

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Cellulose Electrode for Vertical-down Welding

CHE505Mo is a high cellulose sodium type electrode with Mo. The electrodes show a vary good performance in welding especially vertical down and overhead. It forms double sides by one sides welding. It is suitable for root passes, hot passes, filler and cover passes as well as for copping welding. Keeping the electrode in dry condition. The electrodes do not be redried before welding. In Welding small current is recommendedand swaying broad should be less than 2.5 times of the electrode.

Chemical Composition of Deposited Metal(%)

C Mn Si S P Mo
Standard ≤0.12 ≤0.60 ≤0.40 ≤0.035 ≤0.035 0.40-0.65
Typical 0.077 0.33 0.10 0.011 0.010 0.483

Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal

Yield Point
Tensile Strength
бb (MPa)
δ5 (%)
Standard ≥390 ≥490 ≥22
Typical 480 575 28

Sizes, Pieces & Recommended Current (DC)

Size (mm) 2.5×300 3.2×350 4.0×350 5.0×350
Pieces (5kg) ≈355 ≈192 ≈124 ≈78
Current(A) F,H 60-80 70-120 110-150 150-200
OH,VD 50-70 60-110 100-140 140-180

Pre: CHH408 (Heat-Resisting Steel Wilding Electrode)

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